A shared journey

We are entrepreneurs on a journey, so we understand the opportunities and challenges that you face. We get it, so our respect for what you've achieved already means we guide rather than take over when we work together.


Your enthusiasm and passion are evident in your company’s success, but the next stage of your growth may benefit from fresh ideas and capital.

You may be seeking to buy your business, de-risk, expand geographically, make acquisitions, replace shareholders or
take a step back. We can support you whatever your needs are.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the passion you have for your business. Having worked with over 110 companies, we understand that each business has a different journey. We respect what you've already achieved, so we don't take over.

We back fast-growing businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors, taking a minority or majority stake to accelerate growth.


Together we can enhance your business by providing capital and expertise to help you accelerate growth.

We have worked with over 110 teams over our 25-year history, with many people coming back to work with us again through our network. Our style is collaborative – meaning we join your journey, but you remain in control.

We will work closely with you to grow your company in the way best suited to your goals. Our growth tool kit covers digital enhancement, international expansion, add-on acquisitions, ESG and operational improvements, including talent and networks.


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Inflexion international support

Local presence in international markets

For over a decade, we’ve been helping our portfolio get closer to far-away places. Inflexion has a dedicated international team covering Asia, North America and South America from their on-the-ground presence in Bangalore, Shanghai, São Paulo and Boston, bringing invaluable expertise and connections to help source people, partners and customers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly then, our portfolio companies are global, with operations spanning 160 countries. We have supported 100+ international acquisitions for our portfolio companies in 32 countries.


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation at Inflexion

In-house digital team

A successful digital strategy can have a transformational effect on your business. Done effectively, it can make prospective clients aware of you, and existing clients more loyal. We can help you understand what makes them tick, helping you to help them.





International acquisitions

Turbo-charging growth through M&A

Businesses can step change their growth with carefully managed M&A. We have 25 years’ experience helping teams to do just this: we help find acquisition targets in the UK and internationally, negotiate the transaction, and assist in making the integration seamless.

Most of our investments have grown through M&A. We’ve supported 480+ acquisitions for our portfolio companies, including 100+ international acquisitions across 32 countries. Most of these were done within the first year of our partnership, meaning we then take time to work with you to integrate the business.

Talent & Network

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The power of networks

Bringing great people together

Ambitious companies attract the best talent. However, securing great hires is something many fast growing businesses find time consuming. Our dedicated talent team helps by working with you to identify key hires as well as thinking creatively of ways to nurture and retain the best people.

The businesses we back also have direct access to Inflexion's highly valued network of entrepreneurs and senior leaders.


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Inflexion commercial support

Accelerating top-line growth opportunities

Having the right product-market-pricing fit coupled with strong sales execution is key to accelerating revenue growth and success. We have a team dedicated to helping you identify and implement the most effective top-line growth initiatives including new proposition and commercial model development, pricing strategies and sales effectiveness.


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Inflexion and Marley's ESG journey

Driving value through ESG

For many businesses, ESG has shifted from a box-ticking exercise to a way of creating sustainable value. Being competitive with ESG helps companies to avoid risk as legislation trickles down – from packaging, to decarbonisation. But ESG isn’t just about risks; it’s about growing your business, with benefits ranging from better employee engagement to improved cashflow and reduced costs.

We take a bespoke and flexible approach to developing and supporting ESG frameworks, ensuring maximum impact and tangible benefits for the businesses we invest in.