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Inflexion point: Innovation, acquisitions and empowering your team

Now celebrating its 31st year, Aspen has grown from a small, local manufacturer of condensate removal pumps, to a company with close to 400 employees worldwide and selling to over 100 countries. In this episode, Tim and CEO Adrian Thompson delve into the importance of having a high quality and reliable product, the challenges and opportunities of international expansion, lessons learnt from ownership changes, why incentivising your team and empowering individuals is crucial, and most importantly why Inflexion liked the business so much - it invested twice!

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Assets under management


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Flexible approach

With three bespoke funds we can provide truly flexible funding tailored to meet the requirements of the businesses we back.

Our Buyout Fund provides majority funding to accelerate growth, our Partnership Capital backs larger businesses with minority capital, enabling management to retain control of their businesses, whilst our Enterprise Fund backs SMEs for a minority or majority stake. All the teams we back have access to the full range of Inflexion resources.

We are


Like you, we are entrepreneurs on a journey. Over the last 24 years we’ve experienced the challenges and excitement of growing a business.

We know that the road may be bumpy, so we will draw on our experience to help you navigate the exciting journey ahead.

Businesses grow

faster with us

It’s all about supporting your growth.
On average, the businesses we partner with grow their revenues by 21% p.a. and headcount doubles. This sounds ambitious, and it is.

Our experience means we have the networks to help you accelerate the plans you’re already thinking about – and perhaps consider new ones.

Investing is all

about people

Every business is made up of individuals with shared ambitions but sometimes with different needs.

We tailor our partnerships to harmonise those objectives: we can work with you for a couple of years or substantially longer, taking a minority or majority stake, depending on your journey.


We are proud to be recognised for the work we do.

We are proud to have been awarded the Group Portfolio Collaboration Excellence Award at the 2024 Actum Private Equity Value Creation Awards and voted Value Creation Team of the Year at the 2023 Actum Awards. We also recieved Exit of the Year at the Unquote 2022 British Private Equity Awards, Mid-Market Buyout House of the Year at the Unquote British Private Equity Awards 2021 as well as the Best UK LBO Fund at the 2021 and 2022 Private Equity Exchange Awards. We were proud to be named Private Equity/Venture Capital Team of the Year at the Insider North West Dealmakers Awards 2021.

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