The Inflexion Foundation

The Inflexion Foundation strives to enhance the prospects of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and to protect the environment. We focus on achieving this through education, sports, the arts and conservation to improve prospects for a brighter future. 

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The Inflexion Foundation was established in 2018 to formalise our charitable giving programme, which has long been a central part of Inflexion's culture.

The Foundation strives to improve the prospects of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and on its fifth anniversary in 2023, its scope was broadened to include protecting the environment. 

The Inflexion Foundation supports charitable organisations via long-term strategic partnerships, grants and a matched giving programme.

Our 25 years of investing means we truly understand the power of hands-on support and long-term commitment to drive impact. As such, we believe that our additional pro bono support makes a meaningful difference to the charities we back and the individuals they support. The Inflexion team gets involved at both a company and personal level to provide pro-bono work and participate in fundraising. 




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The Inflexion Foundation in 2023

We back charities that are making a meaningful difference to the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Foundation donated £1.5m to 20 high impact organisations in 2023.

The Inflexion Foundation marked its fifth anniversary in 2023. The year saw multiple commitments to longstanding partnerships reinforced, new ones added, continued strong levels of pro bono participation from the Inflexion team and an additional £320,000 raised through direct fundraising. 

The Foundation’s scope was also broadened in 2023 to include the environment. Two new organisations – the Royal Geographic Society and the London Wildlife Trust – received backing as part of this widened remit. 

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