Aspen Pumps

In 2007 Inflexion led a buyout of specialist engineering business Aspen Pumps and helped management to accelerate its growth, particularly in India and China. In 2015 we sold the business to 3i. The long-term investment generated a 22x return on investment. Inflexion re-invested in Aspen Pumps in 2020.

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    East Sussex, UK

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    Mar 2007 - Feb 2015
    January 2020

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The company

Aspen is the global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of mini pumps that remove condensate water from air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The group also sells a range of ancillary products for air conditioning installers and engineers. The company has offices and warehousing in the UK, France, Germany, USA and Australia. The group currently employs over 200 people and exports its products to over 100 countries.

The Inflexion investment 

Inflexion originally invested in Aspen from 2007-2015. Inflexion invested again in January 2020 to continue to support the business's growth plans. 

The Inflexion difference

Under Inflexion’s prior ownership from 2007-2015, Aspen saw significant growth. Together with the management team we completed an acquisition, implemented an aggressive internationalisation strategy, and innovative digital approach to new product development. Aspen increased its international sales distribution from 50 to 100 countries, and, with the support of Inflexion’s in-country international teams, the company launched in China and India where pump sales achieved in excess of a fourfold increase.

Inflexion's strong relationship with the management team together with Aspen’s proven track record of organic and acquisitive growth creates a partnership ideally placed to achieve Aspen’s international growth objectives during this second period of investment. Inflexion is supporting the company to pursue a M&A strategy in both the UK and globally.

First investment results 

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