In 2017 Inflexion created Halo, a global vendor of optical transceivers, by merging UK-based ProLabs with AddOn Computer Peripherals LLC, a California business. In 2021 we sold Halo to Amphenol Corporation for $715m, generating a 6x money multiple.

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    California, USA

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    June 2017 - December 2021

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The company

Halo is the world’s leading compatible optical networking business, with nearly 400 employees serving blue-chip customers from its supply facilities and sales offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

The Inflexion investment

Inflexion created Halo in 2017 with its investment in UK business ProLabs and the transformational acquisition of AddOn Computer Peripherals in the US less than six months later. The firms continued to use their existing brands, operating under the California-headquartered Halo umbrella and benefitting from complementary customer bases, production facilities and sales offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

The Inflexion difference

In addition to the original acquisition of AddOn Computers, Inflexion supported further M&A including Skylane Optics and Solid Optics in the Benelux and Aria Technologies in the US to expand Halo's product offering into optical cabling. These were all sourced, negotiated and executed by Inflexion.

Our in-country experts in India and Brazil also supported organic international expansion in those countries, with the Indian office introducing Halo to the country's number one telecommunications company, delivering more than $10 million of revenue to the business, and Inflexion’s in-country expert in China helping Halo to build and develop strong relationships with core suppliers. 

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