In 2014, Inflexion backed the buyout of wealth management business Succession. The deal helped Succession fund the acquisition of 60 member advisory firms and provided a foundation for future growth.

  • Sector

    Financial services

  • Headquarters

    Plymouth, UK

  • Fund


  • Investment date

    January 2014

  • Status


The company

Founded in 2009, Succession is one of the UK’s largest independent wealth management businesses. Succession provides wealth management and financial planning services to individual and corporate clients. It also operates its own open architecture platform, allowing a fully integrated wealth management process. Inflexion’s investment supports management’s ambition to scale through add-on acquisitions.

The Inflexion difference

Inflexion’s M&A experience made it a perfect fit for the Succession team, whose ambitions are largely based on a focused acquisitive-growth programme. We are working together to create the UK’s largest independent wealth management business by supporting acquisitions and have provided follow-on funding to facilitate the firm’s rapid growth in this space. Additionally, we have aided the management team to enhance and formalise financial reporting and governance procedures, with a senior member of the team taking on the role of CEO at the beginning of 2018. We have worked with management to create additional leadership roles, including a Group HR Director and four strategic roles to ensure the smooth evolution of such a fast-growing business taking on member firms.

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