The Inflexion Foundation announces two year grant for Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment

The Inflexion Foundation is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Imperial College London’s Grantham Institute  Climate Change and the Environment through a grant of £195,000 per annum for the next two years. The grant will support Undaunted – a hub for the UK’s climate innovation community that creates new routes into climate entrepreneurship and supports the acceleration of startups and SMEs tackling climate change.

Undaunted is a partnership between Imperial College London and The Royal Institution, based within London’s White City Innovation District.  The Inflexion grant will specifically back its accelerator programme, The Greenhouse – the UK’s first climate-focused accelerator, which has supported over 190 ‘pre-seed’ startups over the past 12 years. This unique programme supports cohorts over 12-months and includes up to £20,000 equity-free grant funding, mentoring, masterclasses, and free workspaces. Across all industries, the survival rate of new startups is 10 per cent; for startups graduating from Undaunted, the survival rate is over 93 per cent. By 2030 Undaunted alumni are projected to have saved:

  • 29 million tonnes of cumulative carbon dioxide equivalent, which equates to 7% of the UK's annual greenhouse gas emissions
  • 76 million tonnes cumulative waste, equivalent to a third of the UK's annual waste
  • 7.4 million litres total fresh water, equivalent to the annual consumption of 75 thousand UK households

The Greenhouse is co-funded by the Inflexion Foundation, HSBC UK (through the bank the bank’s global Climate Solutions Partnership) and the Greater London Authority (via the Mayor of London).