Ridgewall is a managed IT and communication services business. In November 2019, Inflexion invested in Ridgewall and backed the simultaneous acquisition of QDOS SBL, a specialist provider of managed IT and communications to the hospitality industry.

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  • Headquarters

    London, UK

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  • Investment date

    November 2019

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The company

Ridgewall was created in 2011 and provides business critical services in IT, communication and cyber security to SMEs. QDOS SBL enhances the company’s technical capability and international footprint as well as diversifying the client base. The combined group now employs over 100 people, working together to provide excellent customer service to roughly 1,800 customers.


The Inflexion difference

Inflexion have a strong track record in helping businesses grow organically and acquisitively, and are therefore well placed to work with the Ridgewall team on their growth journey and to support the company’s expansion plans. Inflexion’s in-house digital team will draw upon their experience of working with companies growing through M&A, and will support back-end integration to increase scalability and facilitate rapid pace of acquisition.

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