In 2021 Inflexion completed a majority investment in Detectortesters, a company that designs and produces solutions that enable testing of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide fire detectors. As part of the investment, Detectortesters simultaneously acquired Systems Distributors Inc, a US distributor.

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    Hertfordshire, UK

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  • Investment date

    October 2021

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The company

Founded in 1965, Detectortesters is the leading global manufacturer of fire detector testing equipment. Its worldwide customer base consists mainly of field service engineers and the business exports its products to over 130 countries, deriving over 80% of its revenues from outside the UK.

The company conducts all new product development in-house, working with all of the major fire detector OEMs, fostering efficiency as well as proprietary innovation. Detectortesters has recently launched a new detector tester which will use an ‘Internet of Things’ approach to drive people away from inefficient manual testing. The new connected product saves time whilst conducting a test and automatically generates data records that enable clients to control all the aspects of testing and reporting, and allows for them to gain full ownership of safety compliance.

The Inflexion difference

Inflexion is supporting the management team at Detectortesters to continue product innovation, including a focus on sustainability. Inflexion’s commercial director is working with the management team to drive revenue growth through pricing strategies and sales channel optimisation. Inflexion’s in-country experts are helping to accelerate international growth, with particular focus in India where we have seen a 4x increase in revenue in year 1 due to our experts.

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