Inflexion Foundation announces three year grant to Impetus

The Inflexion Foundation is pleased to announce the strengthening of its longstanding commitment to youth charity Impetus through a grant of £500,000 per annum for the next three years.

The funding will support the delivery of the organisation’s charitable objectives together with direct support to three of Impetus’ charity partners - City Gateway, The Access Project and West London Zone.

Impetus transforms the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by ensuring they get the right support to succeed in school, in work and in life. The organisation has a pioneering approach to impact management, providing its partner charities with core funding, expertise of a dedicated Investment team and access to its pro bono network.  

Inflexion has worked with Impetus since 2017 both through direct financial support, fundraising through the annual Impetus Triathlon – where Inflexion is lead fundraiser; and also through Inflexion staff providing pro-bono support by volunteering with Impetus and its portfolio charities.