Aspen-pumps "Rohit’s been very instrumental in the way we’ve developed the business in India. He’s currently involved in our recruitment and management of our local team. He’s also working on pinpointing commercial opportunities." Adrian Thompson
CEO, Aspen Pumps

International expansion

We’ve always recognised that as the world gets more connected there are increasing opportunities for UK businesses to expand into thriving overseas markets from the USA to the Far East.

We’re extremely excited about the opportunity internationalisation presents for the companies we work with, developing their international operations and capitalising on opportunities to source, produce and sell overseas.

We have experts and like-minded entrepreneurs, in Brazil, China and India, providing vital on-the-ground support, invaluable contacts and in-depth local knowledge.

Our international experts can help our portfolio companies to:

  • develop market entry strategies;
  • deliver cost management solutions (outsourcing, off-shoring, supply chain management, local manufacturing);
  • seek out commercial development opportunities (joint ventures, distribution arrangements);
  • source local management;
  • understand local regulations, including import restrictions; and
  • meet potential customers and other local market experts.

Inflexion can bring an international perspective to your business, extending your reach, capability, size and value. An exceptional international opportunity.