Sector Specialist engineering
Location East Sussex, UK and worldwide distribution network
Investment type Buyout
Date of exit February 2015
Investment status Realised
Return 14.0x: secondary buyout

Aspen Pumps

The company

Aspen Pumps designs, assembles and distributes specialised mini pumps which remove condensate water from air conditioning systems. In 1992, three engineers developed the world’s most reliable peristaltic pump to meet demand from the air conditioning industry. From these humble beginnings Aspen Pumps was born.

Twenty years later Aspen is now the global market leader in the design and manufacture operating in over 100 countries worldwide.

Inflexion challenges you, brings ideas and creates thought. Hamish Middleton, CFO

Growth strategy

In 2007, Aspen’s management team were looking to grow but faced numerous challenges from scaling production, new product development and expanding its international sales network. Right from the outset we knew this was an ambitious team, we were eager to partner with them to accelerate Aspen’s next stage of growth.

Inflexion has been a highly supportive and progressive investment partner. Aspen has grown significantly and now operates in over 100 countries worldwide. Inflexion’s investment in our team and technology-led product development has built a strong platform for future growth and we are proud of the business we built together. Adrian Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at Aspen Pumps

The Inflexion difference

Aspen has thrived from our dynamic partnership with management team and capital investment. Together we implemented a progressive internationalisation strategy, innovative digital approach to new product development and a compelling acquisition plan. Through the support of Inflexion’s in-country international experts, Aspen launched in China and India where pump sales achieved in excess of a fourfold increase. Our Digital Director helped to build a digitally-led new product pipeline. We also sourced and negotiated two transformational add-on acquisitions, broadening Aspen’s product offering and enhancing customer service. We also worked with Aspen to build the senior team, introducing an experienced Chairman and Managing Director and positioning Aspen for future growth.