Sector Specialised IT recruitment
Location London, UK
Investment type Partnership Capital
Date March 2017
Status Current
Non-Executive Directors Andrew Mainwaring, Josh Kaufman

K2 Partnering Solutions

The company

Established in 1997 by James McHugh, K2 Partnering Solutions (“K2”) is a leading global resourcing specialist providing outsourced IT consultants to multinational corporations including leading technology firms in Silicon Valley. K2’s trained consultants implement and upgrade SAP and Salesforce software, as well as other emerging technology software such as Cyber Security, Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. K2 utilises its proprietary database of over 600,000 enterprise software consultants to support client projects across four continents.

Global IT software management expenditure is very substantial and growing at c.5% per annum over the next three years. The software management industry continues to rapidly diversify into new segments including Cyber Security, Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

Growth strategy

The highly experience management team sought a minority investment partner who would support the expansion of the sales team, further broaden geographic reach and continue diversification into emerging technology segments.

The Inflexion difference

We had known K2’s founder shareholder James McHugh for ten years, following our successful investment in a similar business Red Commerce. Our unique Partnership Capital solution was attractive to James and the management team who wanted to retain a majority stake. Capitalising on our strong track record in the recruitment sector, wealth of TMT experience and local presence in K2’s key growth markets of Brazil and China, we will support the management team to accelerate growth globally.

As part of our investment we will use our senior talent network to support K2 in sourcing a highly regarded Chairman.