ICS “Inflexion impressed us with their strong commitment and straightforward, open and honest approach.” Gary Spellins,

First 100 Days

We’re here to support the companies we invest in. We believe in evolution, not revolution. In fact, the first day of our relationship post-transaction will be the same as the last day before it – a continuation of the relationship we’ve been building since we met.

Our focus for the next 100 days and beyond is on supporting development within the company. Our aim is to help companies realise their potential and we use our expertise, energy and drive to help great businesses become greater still.

First steps are clearly communicating what the investment means for the business to customers, staff and suppliers. Making sure everyone realises what an opportunity this is.

Greater financial strength enables key strategic advancement, so we quickly set about working together to deliver on the plan agreed at the point of investment. Setting up focused teams, involving our international colleagues if relevant, introducing our Digital Director and agreeing where to invest in systems, infrastructure, processes and NPD to support increased scale and drive efficiencies.

So after our first 100 days of collaboration and hard work we think you’ll be pleased with the progress we’ve made.