Sector TMT
Location Slough, UK
Investment type Buyout
Date November 2017
Status Current
Non-Executive Directors Irina Hemmers, Saloshnee Nightingale


The company

ATCORE Group is a leading travel technology company which provides specialist software platforms for the global leisure travel sector. With clients such as TUI, Thomas Cook and Mark Warner, ATCORE comprises of two principal platforms, Atcom and Tigerbay.

Atcom designs, builds and maintains reservation software for leading global tour operators. Its proprietary reservation system is highly complex, and supports sophisticated business models which allow clients to manage large volumes of search requests, optimise customer experience and enhance profitability. Tigerbay serves specialist travel companies. It operates a dynamic, flexible, end to end platform that supports a wide range of different businesses and embraces best in-class digital technologies.

Growth strategy

The global travel and tourism market is large and valued at $2.3 trillion with 4% growth forecasted over the next 10 years. Digital transformation has accelerated a shift to online bookings; consequently, UK Tour Operator IT spend is growing at nearly 20% CAGR. ATCORE’s ambitious management team sought an investment partner to accelerate their organic growth.

The Inflexion difference

We will work closely with ATCORE’s management team to explore a targeted acquisition strategy, capitalising on Inflexion’s locally based international experts in Asia and South America to drive international expansion.