In 2022 Inflexion acquired enviolo, a global leader in the e-bike components market. enviolo designs and develops transmission systems for high-quality e-bikes mainly for the European and North American markets.

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    March 2022

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The company

Headquartered in the Netherlands and with additional operations in Austin, Texas, enviolo’s proprietary technology enables cyclists to intuitively adjust the gear ratio, making riding safer and more enjoyable. enviolo has grown rapidly as the market for e-bikes has developed strongly in the past few years. The business benefits from an innovative, IP-rich product portfolio which it provides to leading global and regional bike brands.

The Inflexion difference

Inflexion is supporting enviolo to build on the global transition towards smart and sustainable mobility and increasing e-bike popularity. The business aims to strengthen relationships with existing clients and win new clients in Europe, North America and Asia, along with accelerating investment in new product development, and diversifying its product offering.

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