In June 2017 Inflexion created Halo, a global vendor of optical transceivers, by merging UK-based ProLabs with AddOn Computer Peripherals LLC, a California business.

  • Sector


  • Headquarters

    Tustin, California, USA

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  • Investment date

    June 2017

  • Status


The company

Halo is the world’s leading compatible optical networking business, serving blue-chip customers from its supply facilities and sales offices in the US, Europe and Asia. The group employs approximately 150 people. Halo is unique in the $6bn optical transceivers market given its constituent business’ complementary customer bases, product offerings and geographic focus.

The Inflexion difference

Halo is bolstering its technical capability and accelerating its international expansion utilising Inflexion’s track record of acquisitive growth and global presence to scale in a fragmented market. Inflexion have worked with Halo to integrate recent US and European acquisitions, and are continuing to evaluate further opportunities. Halo’s management is drawing on Inflexion’s rich TMT experience and benefitting from support from Inflexion’s in-country experts. Our in-country expert in India is providing significant support to the business and has helped secure a significant new contract with a major Tier 1 telecoms company.