Glide is the UK’s leading provider of managed internet and digital media services to high-density, principally student, accommodation. Inflexion led the buyout of the business in October 2013.

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    London, UK

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    October 2013

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The Company

Glide (CableCom when we originally invested) designs, installs and manages the networks required to deliver broadband connectivity and digital media services to student accommodation, social housing and key worker accommodation under long-term contracts. It has grown rapidly through a focus on technical excellence, high levels of customer service and by maintaining strong partnerships with investors in the sector.

The Inflexion difference

Glide’s management team sought an investor with international experience and resources to support further investment in technology to enhance capacity and continue to improve services. Since the deal, Inflexion have worked with management to develop market entry strategies for other European markets to complement Glide’s presence in the Netherlands, as well as to expand Glide’s offering into the private rental sector, social housing and lower-density student accommodation. As well as investing significantly into its own national network, the original business, CableCom, has completed two acquisitions. Glide Shared Living is the UK’s leading provider of utility services and bill allocation to the student market whilst Glide Business provide ultrafast business broadband for business parks and SMEs across the UK.

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