Inflexion partnered with Auctus Industries to back the secondary buyout of the global leader in gap management, Shimtech, in 2015. Since then the business has evolved to manufacture a broader range of aerospace related products resulting in the business being renamed Avantus Aerospace in 2020.

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    Los Angeles, USA

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  • Investment date

    May 2015

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The company

Avantus manufactures a wide range of aerospace components such as fasteners, brackets, shims, detail assemblies and clips – as well as a broad array of composite and metal bond structures.

The company delivers over 10 million parts annually through long-term relationships with major OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and distributors in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The Inflexion difference

Inflexion’s international reach was attractive to management, who were looking for a partner to help them grow sales and new customer penetration in an expanding global market. Inflexion was able to demonstrate a strong understanding of the sector dynamics owing to its investment in CTC Aviation. Since the buyout, the company has developed new production technologies in composite manufacturing, launched a greenfield operation in Mexico, has continued to take market share through new customer acquisition by deeper penetration in both commercial and military contracts, and has driven significant production efficiencies throughout its manufacturing base. The company has also grown through acquisitions including the acquisitions of Fastener Technology Corporation, Fastener Innovation Technology Inc and California Screw Products Corporation, which expanded the product range and increased the Group’s military exposure.

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