Tim Smallbone
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Tim is a Partner and responsible for Inflexion’s Portfolio and Value Acceleration teams. He is a member of Inflexion’s Investment Committee, Realisation Committee and Executive Committee and formerly led Inflexion’s Enterprise team. Tim also opened Inflexion’s Manchester office in 2004.

Highly experienced in supporting management teams through the economic cycle, Tim has guided portfolio companies through finding and completing acquisitions, investing for future growth and managing changing market dynamics to create opportunity.

Tim started his career at PwC and went on to work with North of England Ventures, Granville Private Equity, KPMG Corporate Finance, Gresham Private Equity and Montagu Capital before joining Inflexion.

He has a passion for all things Manchester City and a strong dislike of weekend DIY (and Manchester United).

Tim has a degree from the University of Manchester.

Investment experience