Rohit Hegde

In-Country Expert

T. +91 80 4096 5024


Rohit is our expert in Bangalore. He is well-connected and highly experienced in helping European and British companies develop their operations in India. Rohit provides a range of services, including finding distributors, sourcing, hiring talented people, marketing, and business development. He delivers targeted market development plans to support portfolio company activities in India and helps with investment team decisions. He also has several connections in Australia and the Middle East and has helped with Business Development in these countries.

Rohit previously worked for several years in the US, firstly for an Engineering company and then for Hewlett Packard Medical Products, where he managed the Medical Supplies manufacturing operations. He subsequently founded Adeep Group, an auto-component manufacturing business which grew turnover to $25m before he successfully sold it to Private Equity.

Rohit is passionate about the opportunities India offers to ambitious companies. However, when not at work he enjoys swimming and basketball and is a fiercely competitive tennis player. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from the United States.