The Inflexion Foundation publishes 2022 Annual Review

The Inflexion Foundation is pleased to announce that it has published its latest Annual Review, highlighting its efforts and impact on a growing number of organisations in 2022.

We are proud to have donated £1.7 million to 22 organisations in 2022, with the Inflexion team also raising just under £300,000 and providing substantial pro bono support. The Foundation’s focus remains on charities which aim to improve the prospects of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The charities we work with primarily focus on engagement through education, sport and arts to improve their chances of a brighter future. Since inception, the Inflexion Foundation has donated £6.9 million to 43 charities, helping to improve the lives of young people across the United Kingdom.

Working with a growing number of organisations over the years has reinforced our belief that, just like the businesses we back, the best results are achieved when funding is accompanied by hands-on cooperation and commitment over a period of time. Underlining this is the formalisation in 2022 of our long-term partnerships with three of the charities the Inflexion Foundation supports: Impetus, Bookmark and Kinetic.

Following the tragic outbreak of the war in Ukraine, in March 2022 the Inflexion Foundation made an extraordinary donation of £500,000 to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal, via the British Red Cross. The Inflexion team were also proud to personally raise £63,000 for the same charity through a fundraising campaign.

The 2022 Inflexion Foundation Annual Review can be found here.