The Inflexion Foundation announces multi-year grant to London Wildlife Trust

The Inflexion Foundation is pleased to announce a partnership with London Wildlife Trust, the leading charity dedicated solely to protecting London’s wildlife and its habitat. Under the partnership, the Foundation has committed to a grant of £50,000 per annum for the next three years. The majority of the funding will be allocated towards the Trust’s flagship education programme, and the remainder towards specific species reintroduction. This is the Foundation’s second commitment towards protecting the environment.

Every year, London Wildlife Trust gives 10,000 school children meaningful nature experiences. They take a lifelong approach to learning, ensuring provision at each life stage: early years, primary, secondary, young adulthood and mature adulthood. Education activities are delivered at five key hub reserves across London, where children and adults can immerse themselves in a range of wild habitats. The charity has had significant success in boosting participation among underrepresented audiences, who can benefit most from structured, supported engagement with the natural world.

A portion of the grant will also be allocated towards the species reintroduction with a specific focus on glow-worms. Glow-worms are in sharp decline across the capital due to habitat fragmentation, habitat loss, and the widespread use of pesticides. This project will work to restore their specialised habitats and make targeted reintroductions.