Inflexion Foundation broadens focus to include environment; announces partnership with Royal Geographical Society

The Inflexion Foundation, marking its five-year milestone in 2023, is pleased to announce a broadening of its focus to include environment. This reflects Inflexion’s belief in the fundamental importance of sustainability as well as our commitment to being a responsible investor. 

The Inflexion Foundation’s first strategic partnership in this space is with the Royal Geographical Society (“RGS”), a charity which focuses on the environment through education, itself a large part of the Foundation’s efforts. The RGS and the Inflexion Foundation have agreed support of £60,000 per annum for the next three years.  

The RGS was founded in 1830 with the goal of sharing knowledge about the world and has become a leading advocate and influential voice for geography in the UK. RGS champions the vital contribution that geography brings to our understanding of the rapidly changing environmental and social challenges facing us, as well as how we should tackle them. RGS addresses this through education, research, fieldwork, and public engagement in long-term projects which support organisations in building and establishing lasting projects and relationships to meet RGS’s aims and objectives.

The Inflexion Foundation’s strategic partnership with the RGS will directly support two of its pilot projects: ‘Geography for All’ works to improve access to geography as a subject and therefore to encourage diversity within RGS’s discipline, building on RGS’s research on under-representation and experiences of who is and isn’t studying geography. ‘Earth Stories’ develops new approaches in communicating about sustainability by bringing together leading climate, biodiversity and sustainability specialists with culture and media industry decision-makers as well as leading creative talent to improve and enable public understanding of this important subject.