Inflexion announces investment into Wood Thilsted

Inflexion is pleased to announce it has made an investment in Wood Thilsted, a leading global offshore wind engineering consultancy. The investment is being made from Enterprise Fund V, Inflexion’s dedicated lower mid-market fund.

Founded in 2015, Wood Thilsted designs the foundations for some of the world's largest offshore wind farms which are a key driver of the global transition to renewable clean energy. The company operates in all the major wind energy markets of the world, providing its services to many of the leading wind developers, and is currently working on the three most significant wind development projects globally. The firm employs over 140 people in five countries.

The founders remain majority owners and committed to continuing to drive the business forward as energy consumption continues its transition towards renewable sources.

Wood Thilsted is looking to expand further globally to meet strong demand for its services, which include feasibility, development, engineering, installation and operation, supporting delivery of 8GW of projects across four continents. 

The funding from Inflexion will support Wood Thilsted to scale and grow internationally as the firm offers an increasing range of services to a growing client base. The market it operates in is benefitting from strong underlying market growth in offshore wind farms of over 20% per annum, supported by government green energy targets.


Wood Thilsted

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