Medik8 skincare brand receives investment from Inflexion

Inflexion is pleased to announce that it has completed an investment in Pangaea Laboratories (“Pangaea”), a global beauty business and owner of the fast-growing Medik8 skincare brand. The investment is being made by Inflexion Buyout Fund V, Inflexion’s dedicated mid‐market fund.

Founder-led since 1999, Pangaea is an innovative and fully vertically integrated firm with two facilities in Hertfordshire, where Medik8’s products are developed and manufactured in-house.

Medik8 is a premium skincare brand focused on science-based, skin-ageing products. With a strong heritage in the international professional channel and a growing online presence, Medik8 is committed to ethical manufacturing and sustainability. Medik8 is focused on enhancing its strong relationships within the professional beauty industry while growing digital channels in new international markets.



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