Inflexion achieves a carbon neutral status

Inflexion Private Equity today announces that it has achieved a carbon neutral status, having offset its carbon emissions with projects that cut carbon and improve lives. As part of Inflexion’s drive to reduce and take responsibility for its impact on the environment, it has partnered with climate and sustainable development experts ClimateCare and offset all carbon emissions associated with its 22-year history.

Inflexion is working to reduce its carbon footprint  by focusing on its office related emissions and reviewing the lessons learned from some of the working practices adopted during the Covid-19 pandemic that could help support emission reduction going forward.

Emissions have been offset through projects including two world-leading clean cooking projects in Bangladesh and Ghana. These clean cooking projects not only cut carbon emissions, helping tackle climate change, they improve lives by halving fuel bills for families and reducing exposure to toxic fumes. By cutting fuel requirements the projects also reduce deforestation, protecting precious habitat.