Inflexion supports the Impetus – Private Equity Foundation Triathlon

On Saturday 16th September, 12 Inflexion employees completed the Impetus – Private Equity Foundation (“Impetus-PEF”) Triathlon. Through the generosity of our valued network the team raised just over £110,000 for the foundation.

Impetus-PEF transforms the lives of economically disadvantaged 11 to 24 year olds in the UK by ensuring they get the support they need to succeed in education, find and keep jobs, and achieve their potential. The money raised will support charities and social enterprises with a track record of helping young people, providing management support, pro bono expertise and funding to scale the services they provide.

Simon Turner, Managing Partner, Inflexion and Trustee, Impetus-PEF commented: “Inflexion is incredibly passionate about supporting young people’s access to education and career opportunities. We are grateful to everyone who donated, helping us exceed our fundraising target. It was fantastic that so many athletes competed, challenging themselves physically and raising an incredible amount to transform the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

The Inflexion’s triathletes were Abhishek Majumdar, Chloe Holding, Daryl Cohen, Fabrizia Rizzi, Flor Kassai, Matthew Hardcastle, Mark Williams, Nawaz Ahmed, Richard Booth, Richard Smith, Richard Swann and Tom Pemberton. Inflexion’s athletes were coached by Carl Wormald.

To find out more about Impetus-PEF visit: