Portfolio Exchange 2021: Embracing change

We were delighted to hold our annual Portfolio Exchange this week. The Inflexion Portfolio Exchange brings together Chairs, CEOs and CFOs from our portfolio to network and share knowledge. This year the theme of the day was ‘embracing change.’ The event was held at the Roundhouse in Camden, a beautiful venue full of history and a special place to bring people back together after two years. This year saw record number of attendees, with guests enjoying being able to interact face to face instead of behind a screen!

Over the course of the afternoon, attendees listened to a variety of sessions all based around the ‘embracing change’ theme. Charlie Walker from the London Stock Exchange Group spoke about embracing change in the capital markets, Arron Shepherd from The Goat Agency discussed the way social media is changing traditional marketing, and Inflexion’s in-country expert from India, Rohit Hegde, spoke about how to take advantage of international growth opportunities. The audience also heard panel discussions on creating value from ESG, building data powered businesses, and pace of change, hosted by Inflexion’s Richard Swann, Alex Mathers and Tim Smallbone.

After dinner, Lord Mandelson, former British First Secretary of State and current Chair of Global Counsel, engaged in a Q&A session around a wide range of UK and European economic and political affairs. The day concluded with a performance from one of the Roundhouse artists during a drinks reception, followed by dinner in the beautiful Roundhouse main space.