Manchester international dinner

Growing a business overseas is both exciting and challenging. It is also one of the key ways in which we work with our portfolio companies to accelerate their growth.

To share insight on this topic, we run a series of dinners focused on the best ways to go about international growth. The latest took place in Manchester in late January and was attended by founders and CEOs of ambitious companies from various sectors with a strong Northern UK footprint. The discussion was led by the heads of Inflexion’s international teams based in Bangalore, Boston, Sao Paolo and Shanghai, who were able to share their experiences of how Inflexion supports its portfolio companies with their growth in those regions. 

The attendees all run high growth businesses with a strong Northern UK footprint but with operations already covering five continents, stretching from Ghana to Libya, from Shanghai to San Francisco. Having trusted people on the ground who understand the local nuances is tricky, but of paramount importance, underlining the reason why Inflexion has set up local offices in four of the fastest growing parts of the world to help our portfolio companies de-risk and then accelerate their expansion plans.