Economic outlook dinner

Inflexion held its annual UK economic outlook dinner on 16th January, with Simon Wells, Chief European Economist at HSBC, once again giving his forecast for the year ahead. The event is one of the most popular in our calendar for both our portfolio Chairmen and members of our senior business leader network.

An engaging and informal discussion followed Simon’s economic forecast, with guests sharing their views on both the economic and political outlook. Guests also gave their thoughts on how 2019 would likely unfold and the impact Brexit, macro-economic events and security issues might have on UK based companies.

While attendees saw headwinds in terms of the outlook for the UK, most also viewed possible dislocation around Brexit as presenting an opportunity for more nimble, ambitious businesses to strengthen their market positions as competitors held back.

Many also commented that their experience of past market shocks was that these tended to be good opportunities to expand into adjacent niches as well as international markets where growth might be stronger.


Andrew Mainwaring