Economic Outlook Dinner

Inflexion held its annual UK economic outlook dinner with Elizabeth (Liz) Martins, Senior Economist at HSBC, giving her forecast for the year ahead. The event remains one of the most popular in our calendar for both our portfolio Chairmen and members of our senior business leader network.

A stimulating and lively discussion followed Liz’s economic forecast, with guests sharing their views on both the economic and political outlook. Guests gave their thoughts on how 2018 would likely unfold and the impact macro-economic events and political issues might have on UK based companies.

As in 2017, despite some concerns, guests’ overall outlook for the year ahead was upbeat, both for the UK economy as well as for UK based entrepreneurially led businesses to take advantage of the future EU dislocation with more nimble decision making and an ability to pivot business strategy against larger competitors.


Andrew Mainwaring