Aerospace Dinner

In the wake of the Brexit vote, Inflexion hosted a dinner for senior contacts in the global aerospace industry.

Guests, including some senior former leaders from global OEMs, discussed the potential impact of the Brexit vote including how it might drive further consolidation in the UK based components supply chain.

China was another subject of keen discussion among our guests, who also comprised entrepreneurs who own and run British based component and service companies serving global OEMs and airlines. China’s impact was seen in terms of potential fresh sources of demand as its national airline industry continues to grow, mirroring strong growth also being seen in other Asian markets like India. China, in particular, was also seen as having strong interest in UK based aerospace sector companies as the country searches for technical capability to deepen its domestic aero industry.

The evening also included Inflexion directors from our offices in China, India and Brazil as well as senior representation from current and former aerospace investments by Inflexion such as Shimtech and pilot training business, CTC Aviation.