Digital Perspectives Dinner: The Future of Network Infrastructure and Compute

Infrastructure and the Future of Compute 

Hosting our third Digital Perspectives event last month, we continue to bring together interesting and truly ambitious business leaders, creating an invigorating environment to discuss the transformational role digitisation plays in business today.

Following lively debates last year about “Digital Monopolies” and “Innovation in online Retail and Travel”, this latest event focused on the wiring of our connected world. The dinner saw entrepreneurs and leaders from a wide range of services and connectivity businesses come together to hear Barrie Blackwell, Head of Technological Strategy at Cisco EMEA, provide an expert view on the transformation currently in progress throughout all layers of networks and services.

Our guests provided an abundance of interesting views, highlighting concerns about underpinning connectivity from BT, and the ability of the major vendors to focus on and attend fully to the SME market – “the high street butcher and baker” as they were referred to on the night.

Matt McNeill, who leads strategy for the Google Cloud Platform in Europe, gave a view from the position of “new” entrants in this space, which led to further discussion and debate from all voices in the room.

Overall, the view was that the major vendors need to work harder at providing a full range of services for SME’s.