Digital Perspectives Dinner: The Future of Online Travel and E-commerce

As part of Inflexion’s aim to bring value to its investee companies, our Digital Director has established strategic partnerships with world-class digital businesses. Together with one of these partners, we hosted a dinner for senior business leaders and entrepreneurs from the digital world to discuss the future of ecommerce and innovation within the sphere of online travel and retail.

Leading the debate was Martijn Bertisen, Google UK Retail Sales Director, who has a wealth of experience working with the world’s leading retail businesses to implement rewarding ecommerce strategies.

Martijn contextualised the debate by noting the continued and increasingly accelerated move to a mobile-first world in which consumers are continuously computing. It was highlighted that businesses should be prioritising their ability to adapt to this world, creating innovative and efficient platforms to attract consumers through which they can seamlessly interact and transact. Indeed, those businesses that are agile, open to making these changes and rapid innovation, are far more likely to drive growth. The lively discussion concluded that a balance between profitability and a willingness to challenge the old ideas with digital innovation will ensure those businesses are digital leaders, not followers.