Digital Entrepreneurs Dinner

Inflexion hosted a dinner for digital entrepreneurs, during which the concept of the Digital Monopoly was discussed.

Leading the debate was Nick Hynes from Somo, who has a wealth of digital business experience, built up over twenty years.

Nick challenged the theory that digital business is no longer made up by a group of monopolies, conceding that this might have been the case in the early days of limited web access and PC only operations. The current explosion of phones, tablets, apps, technical specifications and operating systems has made matters far more complex, requiring a deeper level of understanding and expertise; thus it is not impossible but far harder to dominate. A lively debate followed discussing how niches are being taken and defended by smaller players, new categories of products and services are being created at breathtaking pace.

The consensus in the room was that, whilst major players will continue to lead through innovation and educate the market, there is everything to play for in this exciting, mobile-centred world.