The Goat Agency

The Goat Agency (“Goat”) is a leading influencer marketing business focused on helping big brands to effectively engage with influencer marketing. In 2021, Inflexion's Enterprise Fund invested to support and help accelerate Goat’s growth in a rapidly expanding global opportunity.

  • Sector

    Business services, Consumer

  • Headquarters

    London, UK

  • Fund


  • Investment date

    March 2021

  • Status


The company

Founded in 2015, Goat couples a data-led approach with deep industry insight to help large blue-chip corporates such as Dell, King and Tesco reach niche audiences at scale through the use of influencers. Goat is headquartered in the UK, with over 150 staff split between the UK, US, Europe and Asia. Goat continues to be led by founders Nick Cooke, Harry Hugo and Arron Shepherd.

The Inflexion difference

Inflexion is working with Goat to capture a greater share of wallet from large, global customers and is utilising our extensive network to help Goat continue to acquire new customers in the UK and overseas. Goat’s data-led approach is being refined and optimised with the help of Inflexion’s digital team, accelerating organic growth through its best-in-class service.

The Goat Agency Co-founder Arron Shepherd and Inflexion Partner Tom Pemberton discuss the power of social media and share how Goat utilises data to help businesses drive social and influencer strategy.

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