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Our views on how changing market dynamics may lead to demand for capital in niche sectors of the economy.

The baby makers – The Indian IVF market

2368_viewpoint-IVFThe Indian IVF market is hard to ignore. India has 10% of the world’s population under the age of 25. Social factors are driving infertility. The middle class is booming, making IVF more accessible, and the long awaited regulatory regime is about to come into force.

Whilst these factors obviously present a great opportunity for high quality international IVF providers looking to enter the Indian market, there remains inherent challenges within the operating environment,  which must be carefully managed with guidance from trusted local advisers and partners.

Timing of entry will also be crucial: too soon, and you might end up in the midst of a brutal industry consolidation; but too late and you will face stiff competition from entrenched providers who are already establishing themselves.

We have outlined our thoughts on some of the changes, from the viewpoint of UK providers looking to expand into the Indian IVF market today.

Gareth Healy, Investment Director