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Inflexion wins at the unquote” British Private Equity Awards 2009

Inflexion is pleased to announce that it has won the 2009 Deal of the Year award for its investment in Viking Moorings at the unquote” British Private Equity Awards 2009.

The award was given in recognition of the outstanding success of this transaction in the oil services market, which despite the tough economic conditions, grew strongly over three years from intial acquisition for £22m, to an ultimate exit worth £170m. This generated more that 12x invested capital for Inflexion’s investors.

Simon Turner, Managing Partner of Inflexion Private Equity, said: “We are delighted to have won this award. The success of Viking Moorings is a great tribute to all who worked on the transaction alongside us and the award is a fitting accolade to Inflexion in this, our 10th anniversary year. We are pleased that Inflexion has been able to play a key role in the growth and development of Viking Moorings over the past 3 years and are delighted to be retaining an investment in the company”.