Sector Energy; Specialist engineering
Location Solihull, UK
Investment type Buyout
Date of Exit May 2018
Status Realised

UK Power Reserve

The company

Headquartered in Solihull, UK Power Reserve is a leading developer, owner and operator of smart, flexible power generation assets. Established in 2010 when two of its current senior managers recognised a growing need for flexible reserve power capacity in the UK, UK Power Reserve has developed, built or acquired generation capacity to grow from a start-up to a substantial independent operator. The company has over 70 staff and generates reserve power in times of critical need via its 185MW portfolio from 16 sites in England and Wales. These sites are all maintained by UK Power Reserve’s highly skilled workforce and are closely monitored from its Virtual Power Station control centre in the West Midlands.

Growth strategy

In December 2014, the company secured a significant number of 15 year Capacity Market generation contracts to nearly triple its existing capacity, which will bring its total portfolio to 533MW by 2018. The ambitious management team sought investors to help optimise performance from existing operations and build new sites to significantly grow its generating capacity.

The Inflexion difference

UK Power Reserve is an innovative business of scale. Our investment supported  the acceleration of the business’s growth, trebling capacity to over 500MW – enough to power 375,000 homes in local communities – delivered from 32 rapid-response power stations across England and Wales. UK Power Reserve also grew its revenues from c.£20m to over £80m and its employee headcount from 70 to 150.