Sector Specialist engineering
Location Middlesex, UK
Investment type Buyout
Date May 2015
Status Current
Non-Executive Directors John Hartz, Catherine Richards


The company

Shimtech is the global market leader in the manufacture of specialist gap management components critical in the assembly of commercial and military aircraft. It supplies the world’s leading airline manufacturers where over 10,000 shims are critical in the production of just one aeroplane. Shimtech is also a leading supplier of high performance, lightweight composite structures and assemblies. The business is a UK headquartered company with four manufacturing facilities in the US as well as three in the Europe.

An increase in global aviation has led to an unprecedented number of orders for large commercial aircraft, thereby multiplying the demand for shims. Shimtech commands a large market share and has grown strongly over recent years. The company has won many high profile awards from some of the leading names in aerospace for outstanding performance.

Growth strategy

Shimtech was seeking an investor to help further grow sales in an expanding global market. The management team, led by CEO Howard Kimberley, welcomed the sector insight of Inflexion and Auctus, the specialist consolidator of niche Tier 2 and Tier 3 components suppliers in the airspace sector. The co-founder of Auctus and former CEO of Meggitt Plc, Terry Twigger, takes the role of Non- Executive Chairman of the business.

The Inflexion difference

Shimtech is a global business of scale. Our investment will help Shimtech take advantage of the positive macro trends in the aerospace industry. We will help drive value from recent acquisitions and assess further consolidation opportunities. With a new manufacturing facility opening imminently, Inflexion will support the business to increase supply to existing customers and focus on customer acquisition.