Sector Luxury travel
Location London, UK
Investment type Buyout
Date December 2014
Status Current
Non-Executive Directors Philip Edmans

Scott Dunn

The company

Founded in 1986 by Andrew Dunn, the company provides a broad range of luxury holidays from skiing and Mediterranean resorts to tailor-made journeys and bespoke honeymoons. Scott Dunn is recognised as a premium brand in the sector and is distinguished by delivering very high levels of service to its guests. It was voted number one specialist tour operator by the readers of Condé Nast Traveller in 2014.
The company operates within the luxury travel market, which has grown by more than 12% CAGR over the last three years, as demand from affluent customers in the UK and overseas has increased.
In 2010, Andrew Dunn, now President, appointed Simon Russell as Chief Executive.

Growth strategy

Eager to grow market share and expand internationally, Simon and his ambitious management team sought a partner who could help accelerate their next growth phase.

The Inflexion difference

Scott Dunn is a growing business with a strong and highly respected brand. With Inflexion’s support, management can fulfil the company’s global potential by scaling operations and capitalising on increasingly attractive market dynamics. Our Digital Director will help to enhance Scott Dunn’s superior technology platform with a focus on website efficiency and mobile optimisation. Exceptionally high levels of customer service are key to Scott Dunn’s market positioning, Inflexion will continue to support its commitment to the guest experience.