Sectors Healthcare and Education
Location Warwickshire, UK
Investment type Buyout
Exit date February and July 2009
Investment status Realised
Return 2.7 x Sold in two parts to Capita Group Plc and UBM.


The company

Established in 1989, Healthcare Knowledge International (HKI) provides benchmarking and other performance-analytical information to European public health services in order to maximize efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Growth strategy

The management team at HKI was seeking investment to support new product development in order to grow turnover and increase their International customer base.

The Inflexion difference

Recognising the ambition and drive of HKI’s management team, we acquired the company in April 2004 for an enterprise value of £13 million. During our ownership, we worked closely with the team to source new markets and clients, optimise tax structuring and introduce formal KPI monitoring. Revenue grew by 200% while employee numbers doubled organically. We also helped to execute complimentary in-fill acquisitions, adding a health audit business, HQS, in January 2005 and a pharma data business, CRC, in 2006.

The business was sold in two parts. CHKI, the UK division, was sold to Capita Group Plc in February 2009. IASIST SA, the Iberian division, was sold to UBM Limited for an overall return of 2.7x.