Sector Financial services, Technology, media and telecoms
Location London
Investment type Buyout
Date March 2016
Status Current
Non-Executive Directors John Harper, Ed Fraser

Global Reach Partners

The company

Based in London, Global Reach Partners is a leading UK foreign exchange specialist providing payments and hedging services to businesses and private individuals. Global Reach Partners helps clients manage their foreign exchange exposure through a range of hedging strategies, which are tied to fundamental business needs. The hedging strategies are delivered through many products including spot payments, forward contracts and options in over 150 currencies. Global Reach Partners transacts £3bn of foreign currency each year, through its team of over 85 expert traders and support staff.

Growth strategy

Global Reach Partners’ management team was looking for an investor to help facilitate the succession of one of its founders, as well as support investment in people, technology, products and services. Additionally, the investor would help enable a consolidation strategy in the UK foreign exchange market.

The Inflexion difference

Through sector focused origination, we identified foreign exchange as an attractive niche and pinpointed Global Reach Partners as an impressive company with an ambitious management team. Global Reach Partners was keen to find an investor who understood the foreign exchange sector well and who shared their vision for the future of the business as a true leader in the UK foreign exchange market. Global Reach Partners continues to demonstrate strong market growth and we are actively helping to identify potential acquisition targets.