Sector Specialist engineering
Location London
Investment type Buyout
Date of exit May 2016
Status Realised

CP Electronics

The company

Founded over 40 years ago by Paul Mans and his father, CP Electronics is the UK’s leading manufacturer of lighting controls systems. The business assists its blue chip client base in reducing their operating costs and carbon footprint through an extensive range of innovative lighting control products. CP Electronics demonstrates an unrivalled commitment to innovation, offering the highest level of quality and service.

Growth strategy

With a best-in-class product suite and international distribution network, the company enjoyed rapid growth. In early 2014 the management team sought an investment partner that could help accelerate growth in market share, introduce skilled individuals to add depth to their team and strengthen operations to capitalise on their international market opportunity. Inflexion was eager to partner with this ambitious management team.

The Inflexion difference

Inflexion invested in CP Electronics in January 2014 through its investment in Aspen Pumps. Working alongside the ambitious management team, led by Marcus Martin, Inflexion encouraged investment in the sales function to drive core market growth in the UK. Further investment was made into new product development and into the infrastructure of the business to ensure a sustainable platform for future growth. Inflexion also introduced a number of key individuals to the team; the successful CEO and Chairman of Aspen Pumps took active Board roles and Inflexion introduced an experienced international operator to help develop further penetration of the attractive European market. Under Inflexion’s ownership, revenue and profitability has grown in excess of 40%, whilst staff numbers have increased over 35%.